C-Medina showin’ and provin’ the build degree…

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Uncategorized


“So when the water strikes one of these cold currents, it becomes solid ice, in small round drops in form or in a light fluffy form which is called snow…” (8/1-40)

True indeed! C-Medina is manifestin’ that degree to the fullest today. We got hit with a storm overnight that was so intense that not only did it start out as a snow storm and transform into an I cee equal storm, born u truth, it also caused the colored man to shut down the justice. Self cipher the god got a free understanding day weekend and on payday. If that ain’t peace I don’t know what is :o) !

Apparently the colored man panics over cold currents that bring just-ice born u truth the sun don’t chill so it’s peace to master equal regardless. My queen and I will be doing some more shopping today and spending some quality square I master equal together. I am thankful for every chance I get to share her social equality. The sight and sound of her born knowledge if you cummulate the rate that sound travels (1,120ft/sec 8/actual facts) and the speed that light travels (186,000 miles/sec 9/actual facts). Since she is my reflection, it all points back to me in many ways, as I represent that knowledge component and the foundation of our relationship’s existence. I remain focused on the understanding degree relative to what we share, so that I can “see” the full 360 degrees of the love. That visual must “be” processed by all 3 eyes so I keep em’ open and stay buildin’.

Supreme Victory Allah


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