Rain Makes….

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized


It’s pourin’ down in C-Medina this morning. As we know and understand from our build degree in the 1-40, water distills after it ascends up into the atmosphere and gets caught in swift and changeable currents of air. Once it becomes too heavy, it must fall. This is why rain brings about such emotion and deep thought within us. The weather makes you stay indoors. It also causes you to look inside youself and bear witness to what is buried there.

Today’s degree discusses the place where the devil was manufactured. Oftentimes our minds can become personal Pelans if we allow them to. We may conjure up unpleasant memories, self-defeating ideas, or simply get caught up in a gloomy current of air. The important thing to remember is that these currents of air are temporary. As quickly as they come, the sun can come out and take them away. My mind is the mind of Allah so I have more than enough power to reverse polarity on melancholy thoughts and shift into a productive more upbeat mindframe. It’s all about saving self in order not to fall victim.

SV Allah


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