Evening Magnetic

Posted: December 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


Usually when I compose these posts, I do so in the allah master. The primary reason is because the best time for me to blog is during my morning commute to the justice. Even still, every now and then I will switch it up and express my thoughts in the power master. I like the idea of offering the perspectives of either the first or second zig in the wisdom equality degree based on the square I master equal that I am most comfortable writing at on a given day.

Morning blogging manifests the knowledge degree in the 1-40. It is the science of scribing koran before it actually is lived out. Evening blogging is the opposite end of polarity. It reminds me of the understanding knowledge degree in the 1-36, “Then what happened?” It’s a reflection on what has already taken place so it’s basically telling a story if written in the first person.

I think the allure of writing in the power master lies in the idea of shining light where there is mostly dark. It’s a reminder that although the sun is not seen at night, it is still present. The speed of light is constant in a vacuum so regardless of whether it is day or night it’s still traveling at a rate of 186,000 miles/sec. If we figuratively look at light and dark as places then this shows and proves that Allah is seen everywhere.



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