Day 1:Knowledge & the Great Expansion

Posted: January 1, 2009 in Uncategorized


Happy New Year everyone!! I will that everyone was safe and responsible in what ever celebratory activites that were engaged in. I personally had a wonderful series of “holidays” self cipher, I have absolutely no complaints.

Today is supremely mathematical in that it is the knowledge day. This divine allah why will be the springboard from which we thrust ourselves forward into the next 364. Allah self we start this new chapter of Koran, and make more history, it is important for each of us to know who we are and to make that knowledge born to as many people as we can reach. Our people need to know our names (1/1-36) because we can introduce them to themselves. One of the most important names that the original person can ever come to know is the 1st degree in the supreme alphabet (Allah). One must come to know Allah and his/her origin as a human manifestation of him, before they can bear witness to their nature as God or Earth.

The original man is introduced to his identity as God in the knowledge degree in the 1-10.
The original woman becomes a queen when she knowledge’s god in the 17th degree in the alphabet. From an individual standpoint, our awareness of who we are and our origin in the world is the point from which our mental reality expands. Knowledge is the starting point, b.u.t. the key is what you do with it (wisdom). I’m sure that we all have “determined ideas” that we intend to advance this year. The square I master equal to answer the question from yesterday’s degree in the 1-36 (Then what happened?) is now. It’s mathematics so let’s make it count.

SV Allah


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