Thoughts from Triple Darkness

Posted: January 4, 2009 in Uncategorized


The time is exactly knowledge cipher: understanding knowledge in the power master, and the God is a righteous man in the pursuit of sleep. I know that it will come, it’s just that it tends to do so in it’s own good square I master equal. I usually keep the true victory on all night as I find it to be an effective way to allow my mind to drift into a deep sleep. If I try to sleep in complete silence and darkness my mind tends to draw up a variety of thoughts upon which I can become fixated, leading to insomnia. I think that this shows and proves the idea that you never know how much you have on your mind until your third comes face to face with your thoughts in a form that has not been diluted, mixed, or tampered with.

Some of the thoughts that my third will conjure up while chasing sleep are of people that I love, so they have themes of concern. Some of them can be outright scary. Allah self we have all been fed plenty of the wrong mental foods, it is not surprising that we expereience this “mental queasiness” of sorts. The fear which is woven into these thoughts was planted in me when I was a little boy per my build degree in the 1-36. That fear is the devil’s favorite way to try and master the original man. The best way to counteract this is with knowledge and a constant diet of healthy mental foods. Negative energy breeds negative thought ansd vice versa. We are what we think so it’s important that we generate the types of thought that will lead to positive action, which breeds peace.

SV Allah

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m trying to get more knowledge of self. where do i start my search? I don’t trust every thing i read on the net, but I’ve been reading youyr blog for awhile and really appreciate what you have to say. thanks for any help you can give me. Peace

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