Searching for that which does not exist…

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Uncategorized


Today’s degree born the reality that there is no mystery God. After losing trillions of years searching for one, it was agreed that the only God is the son of man and that we would lose no more time searching for that which does not exist. Even in the face of this truth, most people are obsessed with that which does not exist. There are many reasons why that we can pinpoint. One of the most obvious reasons is belief. This is the deadliest of all nurse’s needles and is responsible for innumerable mental deaths. When people are conditioned to be believers, they can be convinced that any absurd idea represents truth and they will become too mentally lazy to try and verify things for themselves. They will take the easy route and take things on face value, only to eventually find out that they were lead in the wrong direction. Then they want to power I self savior and master cipher allah now about how hurt and betrayed they feel after having been lied to. What did you expect from the 10%, the truth? LMAO

The true victory, the internet, and the newspapers are the primary vehicles through which people obtain information. This information requires examination in order to seperate what is right and exact from what is not. Those of us who are knowers, and don’t believe in the teachings of the 10% will automatically go through this labor because we live mathematics. Those who do not will have their minds constantly diluted, mixed, and tampered with by media outlets that pump this bullshit and propaganda into their brains. Bottom line…everything should be subject to investigation so that the real can be seperated from the fake. Always do the knowledge.

SV Allah


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