Tribulation: C-Medina’s 2nd Bogus Storm

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


It’s knowledge power minutes before the God hour and the traffic and weather are unimaginably bad. It’s been snowing since the wisdom hour and it’s damn near below cipher. The forecast is predicting that this storm will persist all day long and by tonight it could get to wisdom cipher below cipher. Of course I just called the justice to see if there was a message on the hotline indicating that the office would be closed, or if tardies would be excused for today. Of course the answer is emphatically now cipher. They don’t give a fuck that it’s dangerous as hell out here on these expressways. They don’t give a fuck that a commute which normally takes at least an hour and a half is taking understanding hours. See the first square I master equal we had a storm of this severity on the knowledge born day of December, they shut the justice down and although the storm was fucked up, I overheard my manager say yesterday that upper management didn’t think it was that bad and as a result they would be that much more hesitant to shut it down again. This storm is worse born u truth as I stated they don’t give a fuck. Last Friday it snowed so bad that it took me and the Queen culture hours to get to the justice. We were over an hour late and those bastards didn’t even excuse tardies for that day even though there were tons of people who were late. The devil is a mothafucka! He was manufactured in Pelan and regardless to whom or what he ain’t no brother or companion in tribulation!



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