“The Original Man and Emotion”

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

The body of the human male is approximately 60% water.  In the NGE we equate water not only to wisdom but also an embodiment of emotion.  The build degree discusses how the sun draws this water up into the Earth’s rotation in a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect.  It then ascends higher and increases with other mists of water in the different currents of the atmosphere and when it becomes heavier than gravitation it distills.  Although the degree discusses this process primarily from the perspective of Earth, said process also effects the original man, who is synonymous with the sun.  As the sun, we draw up our own water (feelings) and although in most cases we can cause this water to evaporate, if it is allowed to mix with other mists of water in the different currents (emotions) of our atmosphere (mind) then it can indeed become so heavy that it causes us to distill.

It is often said that the Gods don’t deal with emotion.  I say emphatically now cipher.  That is not in any way right and exact.  The stress of suppressing the emotions brought about by different feelings, which are transmitted by currents of interactive air can do extreme damage to a man’s body and psyche.  This is shown and proven by the fact that men generally tend to die earlier than women.  Part of the reason is that women cry (distill) much more often than men.  They tend to be much more adept at confronting their feelings, expressing them, and purging themselves of the water that embodies them, thereby releasing the related tension and stress.  This is a very restorative act.  Contrarily, men tend to hold all of these feelings in until they explode into an emotional breakdown that they tend to go through alone so that it is a fine mist that others can hardly detect and have no knowledge of.  These emotions manifest a high degree of today’s alphabetic degree which is power (16).  Said power should not cause the original man to act other than his ownself although it does in many cases.  This is why an emotional man will do such savage things as beat his woman or kill another man over something trivial such as an altercation at a night club. These enraged acts represent square I master equals during which a man has suffered a mental death and, as the wisdom degree in the 1-14 states, has lost the knowledge of himself and is living like a beast.

Additionally, it is my contention that any master allah now that is dealing with or has dealt with a wisdom in a relationship situation has experienced or is experiencing swift and changeable currents of emotion which are manifested not only through her ways and actions, born u truth also within himself.  This is a fact because wisdom is the wisdom understanding degree in the alphabet so if you intend to understand a wisdom (woman) to any noteworthy degree you better know how to deal with your emotions as well as hers when they manifest themselves.  If there is love present between the two parties, then it is a knowledge wisdom arrangement which includes some hell.  That hell will sometimes be an emotional hell due to the transference of intense volatile energy from one party to another.  The ability to navigate this rough relationship terrain allows us to get the love right and born understanding.  Bottom line, I don’t bear witness to the idea that the Gods don’t deal with emotions.  As a matter of fact I can hardly believe that (23/1-36) as the savior he I square makes no sense.  I would rather scream, curse, distill, drink, or do whatever I need to do to take the devil of emotional uneasiness off of my planet than allow it to settle on the best part of my third.

SV Allah


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