Supreme Mathematics Does it Again!

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Uncategorized


My Queen split an atom on me today. She drew up today’s mathematics this morning on our way to the justice and her build on it was so right and exact that I was blown away. She showed and proved her understanding of our cipher and her ever-evolving understanding of the math in general. The quantam leap that she took in terms of her ability to build, makes me so proud because she’s now able to see the application potential of the math as she internalizes it more deeply. The power of this knowledge reared its head before my eyes and born equality as I cee I power her via her ability to speak my language.

SV Allah

  1. Luminous says:

    Peace to you and the Queen!

  2. Peace God,

    That is most peace. When you shine, I tell you we will reflect. I ran across your blog via surfing through righteous blogs, and was peacefully surprised to see one of your links being my news publication the Divine Wisdom. Wow, thank you for promoting that God. Due to time constraints and other factors I no longer do the publication. If you send me your email or you queens email I will send you the other 5 months of the publication though.

    Peace to the God

    Beautiful SciAsia Earth
    P.roductive E.arths A.lways C.ultivate E.quality

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