Mathematics & You/Who’s the Master?

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Uncategorized


I must start this post off by saying peace to the God Allah Universal, my a-alike who manifested a post on his born love cipher god that inspired this one.  If you haven’t already, click the link to his joint on the right and do the knowledge to his post on mathematics. After I did the knowledge to the post in question, I started to ponder the universal impact of mathematics and the influence that it has on our lives.  I then began to think about the relationship that we each have with it, and what the state of said relationship is, which took me to the knowledge understanding degree in the supreme alphabet which is master.  The verb form of master means to conquer or overcome.  Self cipher when you apply that to mathematics you have to ask yourself what can happen to a person who is conquered or who has their life overcome by mathematics.  The potential outcomes which represent answers to this question can be rather frightening.  Within the scope of the relationship between humanity and mathematics, from a practical application standpoint, there is power which is today’s degree.  That power is manifested in various ways via things such as debt and greed when the math controls it.  There is a popular saying which states that money is the root of all evil.  That statement holds true when the math surrounding money in a given cipher is not right and exact.  I think about the way that credit card companies used to be up on my college campus every year offering us free gifts to lure us into signing up for credit cards.  The result was a bunch of college kids with thousands of dollars worth of debt because they didn’t understand credit card mathematics.  I also think about the havoc that our youth wreak on our neighborhoods in the pursuit of drug money.  Qualitatively speaking, they can’t draw up that the probability of them being able to sell dope without getting killed or going to jail is minimal.  Since they don’t seem to know this, they can’t understand that they are behaving like savages in the pursuit of happiness.  Knowledge Understanding born culture or freedom so this lack of knowledge will show in your ways and actions and, depending on the activity that you engage in, you may be gambling with your freedom.  There are countless other examples that I could manifest regarding the hazards of not having an understanding of how math works in our lives and how the math of a certain cipher can master us if we let it.  It is such a great feeling to have knowledge of self and to know that I Self Lord and Master over all that I survey including the mathematics of my cipher.  Of course I have debt and money problems, b.u.t. I have mastered survival under said circumstances and that shit won’t keep me from doin’ what I need to do and enjoying my life.  It is critical that we teach our youth the importance of mathematical mastery in school and in life.  They need to know that math should be a tool that they use to maintain order in their universes as its master instead of allowing the math to master them and govern the moves that they make.

SV Allah   

  1. Peace to the God!!!

    I Self Live And Master is Mathematics, and Mathematics is I Self Lord And Master, and can be proven in no limit of time! Mathematics is the language/mode of communication that the Universe uses, and EVERYTHING (9*, 1-14) can be measured!

    My reason for posting that blog…I don’t think that some people really understand the depth of Mathematics in general (6*, 1-14), or how OUR Mathematics is indeed Supreme..the only thing that comes close is Abu Shahid’s Living Mathematics (1-12), which is also Right and Exact imo…

    Either way, it’s as simple as doing the Knowledge 1st! All of the situations you mentioned above could be rectified by simply moving in accordance with this Divine Speech that is the language of mathematics. They must first speak the language though (4*, 1-36), in order to Knowledge 1st (5*, 1-36). A basic understanding of what Mathematics IS (the Science of pattern recognition) is needed to REALLY Understand that Supreme Mathematics is in-DEED the key to unlock the so-called mysteries of the Universe…

    So what makes our Mathematics Supreme? It’s UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE!!! Quantitative mathematics Tells Us WHAT, but doesn’t create/make anything, it only proves what’s already Truth…Our Qualitative Mathematics Creates AND Tells Us What and HOW Creation occurs, from the macroscopic, to the microscopic!

    I wanna get into how Supreme Mathematics is Circular and not linear (9*, 1-10), I’ll save that for later though 🙂

    Peace to Supreme Victory Allah, and all of the readers…


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