Devils of the Mind

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Uncategorized


Mental devils are difficult to purge from our minds.  The reason is because we create them self cipher since they originate there, they tend to settle there.  Even though we put them out on the worst part of our planets, they are still there, as is the possibility that they will resurface.  This is why we have nightmares about unpleasant things that may have happened to us or we have flashbacks during which we relive such experiences.  This pattern has repeated itself ever since we were children because the devil planted fear in us when we were little.  The devilishment that we witness in today’s society feeds us a steady diet of the wrong mental foods which consists of dreadful news stories about murder, theft, lying, and every other imaginable transgression that human beings can commit.  The true victory, newspaper, and internet remind us that “they continue daily” and that the wilderness of North America in which we live is much more reminiscent
of Pelan than the Holy City of Mecca.

The question is what can we do?  How do we combat this assault on our psyches?  I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, although there are some things that I cee allah now suggest.  First of all, you have to face your fears, confront them, and deal with them.  The understanding build degree states that we make devil to show forth our power that we are all wise and righteous.  So when he starts some shit, show and prove that to be truth and stand firm on your square.  Allah self long as he can’t keep you illiterate, then he can’t  use you for a tool and torment you with unpleasant thoughts, nor can he make you a slave to repeated depictions of bad experiences that you have had.  We know that there’s always a chance to recover from a mental death so the idea is to die less frequently…lol.  That’s why it’s imperative that we give all we have and all within our power to destroy the devil’s civilization so that we can claim the reward
of peace and happiness.


  1. maternal says:

    Peace! Much needed build.

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