Hapiness: Savage Pursuit or Reward

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Uncategorized


When we draw up happiness, we notice that it’s discussed from two polar perspectives in 120. The knowledge god degree discusses it when defining a civilized person as one who is not a savage in the pursuit. The culture cipher degree categorizes it as a reward in regard to the destruction of the devil’s civilization. The thing that jumps out is the interest being served. In one instance, we see selfishness and in the other we see selflessness.

There’s nothing wrong with being happy or wanting to be happy. What’s important is how we go about borning that reality. If we pursue hapiness then that represents a determined, self centered idea. Such motivation will cause us to savagely forsake others to advance our agenda because we think they may undermine the success of our undertaking. Conversely, if we simply give all we have, and all within our power this means that we are living in a civilized fashion therby contributing to the greater good. In doing so, we are rewarded with hapiness. The wisdom of the cipher born the truth that it’s not always easy to live this way. There will be many forces striving to knock us off of our squares. Self cipher what. We live mathematics and do what’s right and exact regardless to whom or what allah self we teach justice, which will born our rewards. The devil can have that savage pursuit math.

SV Allah

  1. Peace Allah!

    Good point, I never drew the connection up with those 2 degrees re: happiness (duh!)…I see your point completely, because of how I draw up the Knowledge God degree…Pursuing happiness = searching for a mystery…Happiness comes from within, and not as the result of a pursuit without…The reward of happiness comes with Peace, while the person pursuing/seraching for happiness may never be at Peace…Civilized person, yes they are, but…they stopped at Refinement. Never got to Equality, so how CAN there be Peace? Especially when they are looking for fleeting happiness outside of Self?

    This got me sparked, good dish you brought to the table!

    Allah Universal

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