“I Woke up Early on my Born Day”

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Uncategorized


Wisdom knowledge knowledge in the year of god equality my physical frame was manifested from the triple stage darkness of my ole’ Earths womb.  As the story goes, I was near physical death battling mononucleosis, self cipher I had to come via cee section.  Although I allah master small in stature nowadays, I entered the world at knowledge knowledge pounds, a yellow seed.  Although light in complexion, I was the knowledge seed of my ole’ dad and he would produce wisdom more before he was done.  I see a lot of mathematics on this day.  My new physical degree is understanding understood, “What is a real devil? Any man which is made weak and wicked, or any live grafted germ from the original is devil.”  True indeed.  I see this as a reminder that since his ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type, I have to constantly be on the look out for him so that he can’t sneak up on me in a fine mist that my third can hardly detect.  I also see it as a message telling me to remain one with my originality and be careful not to act other than my ownself.  It’s peace to deal with refinement, and very necessary, b.u.t. I still have to be me.

My born day’s degree in the knowledge to knowledge culture is radiating in my third as well.  I see the equation word=bond=life and that math is heavy when drawn up.  Our words represent our wisdom and are an extension of who we are.  They are bound to our lives because life is the platform upon which we show and prove that we live what we speak and are people of integrity.  When you give someone your word then you create a bond with them that is only fully solidified when the word is kept.  Allah’s wisdom (word) was made bond when he facilitated the merger of my ole’ dad’s wisdom understanding chromosomes and my ole earth’s wisdom understanding chromosomes to make free equality, born to knowledge cipher, and cummulating to knowledge.  Once that chromosomal bond was achieved Allah showed and proved that bond is life via my birth.  In this way, his history continues to renew itself because every time those 46 chromosomes come together and another original seed enters the world, knowledge is made born physically and mathematically.  This is the first born day that I have reached since I knowledged 120 and recovered from mental death.  I still suffer said deaths daily as the devil continues daily.  B.u.t. I recover every time, renew my mental history, and add on to my cipher by taking the best part.


  1. Maternal says:

    Peace, HAPPY B Day

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