Posted: February 13, 2009 in Uncategorized


Today’s degree in the 1-36 is “What is his ownself?” That’s a rather loaded question when you really take the time to draw it up. I see it as one that we will answer countless times during our love I father equals, and each time represents an epiphany. An epiphany is basically a moment of mental clarity or a profound realization. We talk about knowledge of self and tend to make it seem as if once you get knowledge wisdom cipher that’s it and you’ve reached the final frontier. Emphatically now cipher! In terms of knowing self you have really just scratched the surface. Each divine allah why is an opportunity to learn more about self. To assume anything otherwise, would be to devalue the depth of who you really are. The knowledge degree born a year to every mile self cipher the more miles traveled, the more lessons learned.

SV Allah


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