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How do I see queen? I see a queen as a feminine manifestation of Allah’s rule over different ciphers. Among those ciphers is love. Certainly I’m not implying that Gods can’t function in love, I’m simply saying that it’s a female dominated science. This reality is not very difficult to see if you look closely. Love is a science that was tailor made for wisdoms because feelings are the emotional currency of the heart, and they operate according to their feelings a lot more than we do. Men find love to be difficult because we operate more in accordance to what we think, which is sometimes like speaking spanish to a Frenchman when we communicate with a woman. Another aspect of this idea that’s interesting is that a wisdom’s universal nature is to revolve or orbit around her man/sun. This means that she will depend on him to keep her in orbit, keep her secure, and be responsible for her quality of life to a high degree. All of the above is caused by the sun of man, so the job of trusting, supporting, and being a compliment to him can be quite stressful for an emotion driven being. This is why it’s so important for the Queen to knowledge god. If she knows who God really is then it will be easier for her to trust him and live as his reflection. His light will reach her in power cipher cipher seconds. That treanslates to 8 min and 20 seconds showing and proving that with this knowledge she can focus on building in wisdom ciphers and standing firm on her square.

The key is that the God must build in a civilized manner. In so doing he makes the wisdom more receptive to the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture and refinement that he’s teaching her. If you love equality allah divine then she is much more likely to follow. She will doubt you only if you leave room for doubt.

SV Allah


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