Bind/Bond=Wisdom Build

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


Bind born wisdom (2+9+14+4=29/2+9=11 bt 2) Bond born build (2+15+14+4=35/3+5=8)

The above two equations represent mutually inclusive concepts which can be applied to marriage between a man and a woman. Binding, which is referenced in the culture degree, leads to a bond, as spoken of in the knowledge knowledge degree. Marriage is simply a bond which is intensified by officiality and an implied life-long commitment. I think that marriage gets a bad wrap because there are so many diluted, mixed, and tampered with examples that constitute failed attempts. The reason for this is that people don’t properly prepare, fully qualify potential candidates, or give all that they have to see the marriage succeed.

Binding simply means to bring together in order to form a solid connection. That connection is the bond. If two people are in a relationship then the bond is already there. Marriage simply fortifies it and reinforces the foundation. Aside from the issues that we in the NGE have with the institution, it’s nothing more than a bond that has been solidified. Am I saying that relationships that aren’t matrimonial are weak or invalid? Emphatically now cipher! I’m simply saying that I cee allah now see the peace aspects of marriage that make people want to do it, particularly from the perspective of a wisdom. Consider this. Since she revolves around the sun and depends on him to keep her in orbit by nourishing her with the right mental and physical foods, that requires an extremely high degree of trust. Also, understanding that there are more women than men seeking a mate, its easy to see why a wisdom would desire to symbolically fortify her relationship in such a way that let’s the world know the level strength and committment that it embodies.

When a man and a woman connect emotionally and mentally they take the knowledge of each other that they have to wisdom by acting on it. They continue to add on to the cipher so that they can build a stronger bond. They navigate trials and tribulations together and walk side by side every step of the way until they reach Mecca. The bond is life in that it represents their life together and what they have sacrificed individually to manifest equality. That balance is the backbone of the orignal family.



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