Wisdom: A Free Transportation to Understanding

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Uncategorized


Wisdom understanding abbt Power or Refinement is today’s mathematics.  The corresponding degree in the alphabet is wisdom.  Wisdom is manifested in multiple ways.  It can either be verbal, in terms of someone building with you and imparting wisdom to you, or it can be manifested via experience.  Either way, you will have to go through wisdom to reach understanding regardless of the form that you choose.  Sometimes, people may offer you wisdom in order to warn you about something that you are about to do.  Although you may not want to hear it, they do this because they care and to ensure that if you fall victim to a bad decision, then your blood will not be required at their hand.  Even still, it is up to you to decide what action you will take.  Having knowledge of self means you understand that you came to the wilderness of North America by yourself, and therefore have to make life decisions for your self.  The only way that you can ready yourself for
an unknown cipher is to do the knowledge to the experiences of others and draw up your own equations for the math based on what you “SEE” ahead.  The only prescribed law in 120 relative to the Nation of I Self Lord and Master of said person of that ability is that the civilized is held responsible for the “uncivilized” and must be punished by the Nation of I.S.L.A.M.  The degree only makes reference to responsibility for the uncivilized and not the civilized.  I see the responsibility for the civilized in the wisdom god degree in the form of I-John.  Regardless of what calculations or miscalculations you make in your life, the people that really care about you will be your brother/sister and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience.  Experience yields the true understanding because what may not have calculated right for one person, may come out perfectly for you…the wisdom is the way to find out :o)

SV Allah 


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