Yacub:Determination & Success

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Uncategorized


Yacub was a focused individual. He was born with a determined idea. Determination can be a good or bad thing depending on what it’s directed towards. Earthquakes are caused by the son of man by experimenting on high explosives which shows and proves that as scientists, we have a predisposition to try things in order to see what will happen. If we travel five degrees forward in the 1-40 we see Yacub being successful. At this point we mathematically uncover the power relationship between success and determination. The success in all of his undertakings was bred from his determined idea and his disregard of those who didn’t want to get with his program. When one fell victim to the right allah wisdom, he penalized them and kept on movin’. His detractors were unable to deter him from his goal. We all encounter these types of situations in which our determined idea is met by a resistant current of air. Most of us had a rebellious stage during our formative years that caused us to go against our parents rules. The knowledge we gained from those experiences built us up to be the people that we are today. Our parents were only able to shield us for so long and then we had to go for self, thereby makin’ knowledge born of who we are. Although Yacub wasn’t a righteous man we can learn a lot from his story if we take the best part.

SV Allah

  1. Peace Allah…

    The Yacub story is chock fulla jewels, for those that can draw them out! Ultimately, Yacub is a prototype for the True & Living, in that his Word was his Bond, that he was unstoppable, & impervious to the haters! Us being pre-dicted (37-40*, 1-40), We also were born with a Determined Idea; the One Common Cause of Allah World Manifest…So We too are unstoppable, whether recession, depression or whatever comes! Fear of the Unknown Cipher ahead (240*) is the only road-block…Peace…Au

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