Wisdom Power-Born Equality

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

As you can see, I have taken the liberty of converting today’s mathematics into the corresponding supreme alphabetic values to create a message, “Born Equality.” It’s beautiful to have the freedom to do so since my supreme mathematics includes culture or freedom.  I find at times that we deal in separatism far more often than we realize with some of the things that we embrace and/or condemn ideologically. Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabets “born equality” to me in that they act as the necessary tools that one can use in order to unlock 120 and freely interpret and apply it to their lives as they see fit.  Every man or woman’s cipher is unique self cipher it only makes sense that each person’s interpretation and application of a given degree in either the tools, or the lessons, will be different.  The equality born when we acknowledge this interpretive freedom for all said persons of that ability, is right and exact.  At times it seems that we lose sight of this. Certainly there will be debates and disagreements when opposing perspectives collide and that’s peace, because understanding must be understood.  Even still, when building one should not only seek to advance his or her own understanding for the sole purpose of establishing a dominant position, they should equally endeavor to see the wisdom in the understanding of their counterpart.  This manifests equality since each understanding is understood, and it also preserves the 4th of our twelve jewels which is freedom. The original man experiments with high explosives in order to see the result.  The result can be good, bad, or inconsequential however, it will not be known until the empirical exercise of experimenting is carried out.  Regardless of the outcome, we are free to go through this labor in order to born our own unique understanding.  We can’t truly determine whether or not said experiment is wise until we do the knowledge to the angle of the scientist, and observe the ultimate result.  In my estimation, this is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a scientist and supreme mathematician. It’s the fact that whether God or Earth, we can push life’s envelope with our own original equations thereby converting the unknown to the known.  I encourage all said person’s to defy convention and not let anyone force their understanding upon you.  Dig deep and extract the best part FOR YOUR SELF!!!!
SV Allah

  1. Ouiyen Chassie says:

    Only if every one was capable of understanding all sides that differ from their owm. It is not enough of that today. Beautifully stated.

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