Allah Love Love Wise

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Uncategorized


The knowledge degree in the 1-40 states that the Nation of I Self Lord and Master is allah love love wise and does everything right and exact.  I see that wisdom and it’s universal application potential on both the micro and macro level.  When we born out the word “all” it can translate to allah love love, allah love hell, or allah love right.  The translation that you choose to embrace or apply is up to you.  The knowledge and understanding translations are most attractive to master equal so those are the ones that I roll with.  I take the first one and draw it up to “Allah Loves to Love” because I can’t speak for anyone else born u truth that applies to me.  We say that love is the highest form of understanding and I bear witness to that because I see love as a connection between a man and a woman whereby they reach the ultimate understanding or mental common ground.  However, the way those two individuals choose to categorize or manifest this connection is up to them as it will apply to their universe.  I have a problem with anyone trying to tell me that this should be subject to some “phantom” prescribed laws set forth by 120 or the NGE.  I was taught that supreme math, supreme alphabets, and 120 are to be internalized and applied to self, which is the knowledge born degree.  Said degree is followed by the wisdom of the cipher which is right and exact because it borns the truth of YOUR CIPHER, not anyone else’s.

The second translation, “Allah love right” also applies to master equal as I’m constantly striving to refine my love situation in order to get it right.  The key is that I’m striving to get it right as seen or understood, by myself and my wisdom, not as seen or understood by anyone else.  As long as I’m giving all I have and all within my power to see days when it’s right for us, peace and happiness will be my rewards.  Allah love love wise means wise in everything, or totality, and operating with knowledge of the cipher as the foundation of my words and actions.  As the knowledge component, everything about the way that my knowledge is actuated and translated to wisdom is subject to my discretion as I’m the best knower of the cipher.  Wisdom as a supreme mathematical value is limitless and therefore infinite in terms of what God can see it as.  If we truly understand Allah’s self creation from triple darkness and see the wisdom in it,
then we know that she is a differentiated part of us (our universal self).  This shows and proves that she reflects everything that you impart to her whether it be civilization, righteousness, or 120. They all constitute knowledge and can be reflected just the same.  If it came from you and is manifested through her, then it is wisdom and she is wisdom, bottom line.  That’s what I see.

SV Allah

  1. Maternal says:

    Peace God,
    One of the most needed blogs of “quality” that I’ve seen all week.
    You touched on points that definitely needed to be spoken on.

    “allah love love wise and does everything right and exact” is what MOST strive for but in the end how someone deals with you in return determines just how righteous THEY themelves really are. So being this way benefits one in multiple ways….


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