Splitting Atoms or Making Clones?

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Uncategorized


When I first got my current justice cipher born, one of the things that the company encouraged us to do was to “think outside of the box.” In other words, they wanted us to consider new and inventive ways to look at things and solve problems.  By doing so, new ideas are bound to come about and the company will be able to continually adjust to the ever-changing times.  When I take this thought and apply it to our nation I would being lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned.  We have some of the greatest minds in the universe among us self cipher the potential for new ideas, processes, and outlooks on things is a reality that we can easily born.  However, one of the major obstacles that I see impeding our progress in this area surrounds the fourth degree in supreme mathematics, which is culture or freedom.  It’s not so much that we have a long list of problems within the culture, although we certainly have some areas that could use some refinement. I think that the bigger issue surrounds freedom, or lack thereof, relative to the way that it is manifested and taught.  I see this problem manifested from wisdom ends of the same spectrum.

The first end of the spectrum is represented by those who think that they are free to completely undermine tried and true traditions of our nation, such as knowledgin’ 120, teaching it, and adding on to the nation.  These understanding things are not too much to ask of anyone who claims to be true and living.  If you have 120 then your culture cipher degree says that you give all you have and all within your power.  Anyone that doesn’t fully knowledge our cipher yet comes in the name of God or Earth must know that justice will be served.  Along those same lines, we need to be clear about, these basic expectations when we begin teaching someone so that they understand them from the door.

The opposite end of the spectrum is represented by those who forget that there is freedom along with culture in supreme mathematics.  These people think that their students are supposed to be followers who instead of drawing their own understanding of things, simply regurgitate the group understanding of the enlightener or family tree.  This sort of unimaginative and primitive way of relating is not the slightest bit productive and it certainly doesn’t represent building.  As previously stated, there are many traditional ideas that our nation holds which aren’t broken, and therefore don’t need fixing.  However, any nation that is supposed to be full of leaders as opposed to followers, should encourage free thought and free living in terms of manifesting the culture in a way that works best for the individual, as long as it is righteous and doesn’t harm the reputation of said nation as a whole.  Remaining in a cognitive box is freezing self at understanding wisdom degrees and preventing elevation. Why would we not encourage our brothers and sisters to blaze new trails and put their unique gifts to work in ways that can not only benefit the nation, but also represent it in ciphers where it may not have previously been known of? The answer is indeed an unknown and to try to find it would be searching for that which does not exist.  We spend a whole lot of unnecessary time arguing, bickering, and tearing each other down about a lot of stupid shit that doesn’t have anything to do with teaching babies, building, or anything of the like.  If we took this poor part off of the planet we could do so much more.
SV Allah


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