Power Degrees

Posted: March 5, 2009 in Uncategorized


Equality is today’s degree in the supreme alphabet. It represents something that we all crave because it represents stability and balance. Our bodies have built in governors that maintain biological equality. Our internal temperature is regulated as is the rhythm of our heartbeats just to name examples. Generally, when there is a lack of equality in the cipher, there are underlying reasons buried there. Jerusalem doesn’t arbitrarily become a place of war when it was originally founded in peace. Something has to take place in order to disrupt the equality.

Socially, the root of the issue is often a matter of one person not recognizing his/her uncle. They treat someone as if they are unalike because they don’t see the other person the way that they see self. The land is 57,255,000sq miles and the water is 139,685,000sq miles showin’ and provin’ that the perceived differences on the surface pale in comparison to the wisdom (water) that can be manifested when truly advocating one common cause. Relationships are filled with hills and mountains and their terrain can be rugged. In some instances you may have to keep someone 483,000,000miles away from you as opposed to 93,000,000. Mathematics cee allah now always prescribe the proper distance….

SV Allah


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