Posted: March 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Power Equality Allah Cee Equal

Why is it that the wisdom component of the knowledge, wisdom, understanding equation can be so difficult?  It’s because we don’t always really act according to what we know.  We are not always truly in tune with what we know in real-time.  We may know that we shouldn’t take a certain action or say a certain thing at a certain square I master equal, born u truth we may not be conscious of doing so until after we have already erred. In order to avoid this, there needs to be more seamless communication between ourselves and our knowledge so that the wisdom just flows.  This applies to spoken wisdom as well as action oriented wisdom.  We should be locked in on life to the point where we immediately call up what we know, or increase our knowledge of a given situation before we speak or act on it, particularly, those of us with knowledge of self.  It is at this point where our knowledge transforms to awareness, which I see as real-time recognition.
Awareness should be in effect throughout the full cycle of supreme mathematics in order to live it most effectively.  This can be difficult when 240 is continually introducing the wrong mental foods into our cognitive diet and making us act other than our own selves.  The severity of this knowledge-awareness disconnect, results in the confused state of “what is his ownself” stated in the knowledge understanding degree.  The knowledge to understanding equality explicitly borns the pathology of the mental dysfunction imposed on original people by the colored man.  If we draw a parallel between knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and love, hell, or right, we see wisdom corresponding to hell.  I see this hell represented in the wisdom god degree by the tribulation through which our loved ones (those who play I-John) walk with us.  The wisdom that we live out is diluted, mixed, and tampered with by a variety of different variables such as the different
currents of emotional air that we are subjected to via social interaction or sad memories which are buried in our psyches’.

If we revisit the parallel that I drew up we see knowledge and love corresponding.  I see this being right and exact in that they should both be the basis or foundation upon which our spoken and acted wisdom are manifested.  When we act and speak based on what we know and do so out of love then our life’s motion is more organic and divine in nature.  The unpleasant currents of air that we can often find ourselves caught up in need to be counteracted with pleasant warm currents, the type that genuine love bring about.  The contagious nature of this loving energy can prevent conflict, promote harmony and lead us to Mecca where knowledge and wisdom of the original man first started.  Transportation doesn’t have to cost all of the pain and heartache that we endure striving to get there.  Make it your business to give someone a free transportation as it may make it easier for you to get there yourself :o).



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