Living Mathematics:Self Mastery

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Uncategorized


Knowledge of self is about getting to know your self in order to become more proficient at being yourself. The culture degree reveals the devil’s determined idea to master the original man. If he is successful in that undertaking before you are then you’re in trouble. We are often stagnant in our quest for self mastery because we get caught up trying to master others. This is a costly distraction. If we focus on dancing to the beat of our own drum instead of trying to play someone else’s drum for them, they will be more inclined to catch our rhythm and dance with us.

A lot of successful original people achieve said success only after a lifetime of mastering the science of the colored man. Things such as how to massage his ego and make sure he doesn’t feel threatened by you, and giving him credit for shit that you did in the hope that you will gain his favor and he will help you up the corporate ladder. If that’s what you wish to do by all means get down how you live. I’m not mad at you. I cee allah now only speak for myself as I came to this wilderness by myself. I play the game with them just enough for us to do trading and then I travel. I’m around devils power days a week at the justice and although they are cordial I don’t trust em’. I do the knowledge self cipher I know that behind all of those “good mornings” and “have a great day” statements, if it comes down to me or them they’re thinkin’ it’s gonna be your black allah savior savior.

As I continue to master self, I continue to reinvent myself. Each day represents a new page in my koran so you never know what I’m gonna write. You bound to get a migrane tryin’ to master this original man. Focus on mastering you and maybe we will meet in life’s soul train line and share a rhythm.

SV Allah


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