Some will, most won’t….

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Uncategorized


The fact is, most of the people that say they want to get knowledge of self never will. This reality is unfortunate but true nonetheless. I was buildin’ with my righteous brother Yasir Allah about this idea and we drew up a couple of basic reasons. First of all, people tend to deny responsibility for their actions. They would prefer, instead, to blame external forces for the error of their ways. If they bear witness to the black man being God and get 120 then they will have to take a good long look in the mirror and face up to who and what they really are. Secondly, they are afraid. People don’t like the prospect of admitting they have been living a lie for their whole lives and that evereything that they previously believed was false. They want to believe that what mama and grandma taught them was right and exact.

Another angle that I see quite often among original people is an unwillingness to accept who the devil is. Just because you do trading with the colored man doesn’t mean that he won’t sting you. That trading is about money, not genuine love or respect in most situations. Taking service with a smile on face value is falling victim to the devil’s civilization. Understanding cipher borns “the trader disappeared” and that’s exactly what will happen in your true time of need when you have no more gold to give him. If you don’t know self then you certainly don’t know him. Learn self, so that you can see the truth and understand your relationship to the universe.

SV Allah


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