The “Equality Allah Rule”

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Uncategorized


My righteous brother Emblem says that his enlightener taught him that the ear is the key to I Self Lord and Master. I certainly bear witness to that, particularly as someone who, at times, talks too much. I really wish I would just shut the father u cee king up sometimes. This nurses needle has been buried in my third for many years and I allah master gradually prying it from my head. It’s not that I talk nonstop, it’s just that I sometimes over express myself verbally. I have no problem doin’ the knowledge audiologically, born u truth I need to get better about allowing what I hear to govern and contribute more to what I say and when I say it. It goes back to my post about knowledge preceding wisdom for a reason as calculated thought should always precede speech.

The ear is indeed the equality allah rule because it is one of the primary receptors through which we receive wisdom. When we are not careful, our mouths can undermine our wise nature and we speak and act other than our ownselves. Civilized people deal with refinement and are therefore capable of cleaning themselves up. For master equal this is yet another mental death from which I need to recover. I have to run this personal devil from the root of my civilization. Elevation is perpetual….I’m a living witness.

SV Allah


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