Posted: April 13, 2009 in Uncategorized


One of the most mind-numbing feelings in the world is to lose or misplace something, especially when you can pinpoint the last time and general place at which you saw it. We’ve all experienced the loss of keys, wallets, cell phones etc. When we experience this type of material loss it represents mental death and a disconnect between our minds and the awareness of said item. The best part of these instances is the understanding that there’s a chance to recover from mental death. The mind is so tremendously powerful that it can construct an equation that will lead us to what we lost, thereby placing in plain view something that we momentarily lost sight of. What’s actually happening when you look for something is you are magnetically attracting it and following the magnetic thread to it. When we rewind our minds and retrace those steps we are making a series of complex mathematical calculations. Sometimes we talk ourselves through it and as that sound travels at 1,120 ft/second it starts to transform into light as we get closer to solving the problem transitioning from the build degree to the born degree in our actual facts. When the light comes on, we see the item that we lost mentally before we physically see it. The retrieval is victory and the lost is found.

Supreme VAllah


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