He Equal Love Power

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Uncategorized


I’ve stated before that we sometimes mistakenly take the wisdom degree in the 1-36 on face value. We are so quick to say, “I came to the wilderness of North America by myself.” The wisdom in the degree is that you have to be self suffucient and control your own destiny. In a literal sense we are not alone. We all have someone in our lives that loves us, cares about us, and is willing to help us if we need them to. The question is do you have the capacity to accept help. Today’s degree in the supreme alphabet is self or savior. I see this to mean that depending upon the situation, you either have to save yourself or act as a savior to someone else. The experience of playing each position breeds appreciation for the other, therby bringing about equality.

My younger brother needs help. He has no knowledge of himself and is living a beast way of life. Those who love him have attempted to help him on numerous occaisions but to no avail. His life is a mess and has been for some time. He’s been shot wisdom times, locked up a few times, and he’s unemployed. Instead of working he would rather hug the block, showing and proving that he loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing. The fear that the devil planted in him when he was a little boy has roped and bound him to the streets for knowledge power years. He’s afraid of structure and organization. He has never functioned well in such an environment. The only help that he will accept is material. He will gladly take your food, clothing, and shelter. However, he’s not nearly as receptive to knowledge so he does not know the way to understanding. Although it’s not right to judge people, it is also not right to make excuses for them. I refuse to defend the fact that he has consistently made conscientious decisions to piss his life away fuckin’ wit street niggas that don’t care about him. I love him and always will, born u truth he’s a lowlife. He has put my ole’ Earth through immeasurable pain, and worry over his whereabouts and well being. He is indeed an equation that my family has yet to solve.

SV Allah


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