What is 120?

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Uncategorized


My wisdom asked me a very interesting question this morning. She asked, “If mathematics can be viewed as the study of patterns, then what is 120?” After I thought about it for a moment, I told her that I see 120 as the mathematical system by which one can study self. There are many such systems or schools of thought, born u truth, knowledge wisdom cipher is the most concise and practical of them all. In knowledge equality pages, one can gain more understanding than what a born cipher cipher king with hundreds of pages can yield. It’s a personal and social science that acts as an interpretive life compass. In it’s function as a life compass, it encompasses the science of everything in life because it’s rooted in mathematics, which permeates the fabric of our existence.

The more I draw the question up, the more answers I feel rushing to the forefront of my third. For me, it represents a message about life relative to who everyone is and how and why they interact the way that they do. I also find it to represent a way to exercise my mind and make sense out of life’s various complexities. We all have original ways of seeing these lessons and we all have our original understanding of them. This is what makes them beautiful and timeless showing and proving that the nation of I self Lord and Master has no beginning nor end….mathematics is infinite.

SV Allah

  1. Serenity Love Divine Earth says:

    It is good when the Right God comes together with the Right Earth.

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