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As of late, there have been quite a few new developments in my love I father equal. The overall current of air has been extremely swift and changeable. Needless to say, this is no surprise for God, as build or destroy in our Supreme Mathematics born the infinite cipher of change. It is inevitable. What has been somewhat surprising is that in certain areas, I have still been able to elevate. I have finally got my hands on a laptop, which is huge for me and my Queen. We need to be able to access the web from anywhere for a variety of business reasons. All things considered, I didn’t even have to come out of too much gold to accomplish this because of who I did trading with. My ole’ Earth always says “don’t freak out until it’s time to freak out.” By this she means it’s not wise to take born allah destroy situations on face value because they aren’t always as ill as they might seem, self cipher it is important to remain calm in the eye of the storm since it very well may pass without having done as much damage as was anticipated. I don’t completely have this science mastered, born u truth I am working on it. I’m striving to get to the point where I instictively analyze all situations mathematically, before speaking or acting on them. When I have applied said approach, it has shown and proven itself to be right and exact more than once. 1037 1/3 mph is a perpetual reality self cipher the world will keep on turnin’ whether you shut down or not. That being the case, you might as well keep on movin’ as well taking the best part of things and forgetting about the poor part. Even though my money is tight and I’m dealin’ with alot of stressful elements, i’m still standin’ and I cee allah now still elevate. Elevation of material nature has it’s genesis in perception. If you know that you can rise up, then what it may actually take for you to do so won’t really seem that difficult because of your mindset. I think the key is avoiding complacency. There is always an area that can use some refinement self cipher our work is never done. If it was then what would be the point of living…..?

SV Allahc_l_elevation


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