Black Sun/Solar Flares

Posted: April 29, 2009 in Uncategorized


Solar flares take place when built up magnetic energy from the sun’s atmosphere is suddenly released in a violent burst. The frequency with which they occur depends on the sun’s activity and can vary from several per day, to less than once per week. This activity takes place within a knowledge knowledge year cycle called the solar cycle. In my estimation, this science shows and proves that the original master allah now is the sun and it describes the rhythm of our expressions of anger.

Anger can be drawn up to represent the built up magnetic energy that accumulates on the Sun’s (man’s) atmosphere (mind). When the pressure becomes too intense to contain a violent explosion takes place. This can manifest itself in the form of physical violence, ferocious streams of profanity, or heightened aggression and vocal tone just to name a few. These flares can be extremely destructive to the Earth (orignal woman) if they are not contained. They can effect the weather causing it to swiftly change while also disrupting radio wave communication. When we spazz out on a wisdom, the same harm is done. She is likely to become emotional and communication between two emotional people typically is not tactful.

I wouldn’t categorize myself as tempermental or excessively angry, born u truth it’s not pretty when I go there especially when dealing with a wisdom. I can physically feel the anger boil as my face assumes a combative posture and the curse words form like lieutenants carrying out the captain’s order. I’m not violent self cipher I specialize in mental war. I was raised in a loud household where we argued alot and raised voices were common place so I’m quick to get loud when i’m pissed. My Queen is a delicate flower and does not deal with this sort of situation comfortably. I allah master fully aware of this which is why I always feel so born allah divine when I bark at her. Even when I have a valid point to make or i’m right that’s not what it’s about. I’m God self cipher I should be “right-eous” instead of simply settling for being right. The knowledge knowledge year solar cycle is synonymous with the 25,000yr frequency with which we renew our history. Each renewal is a chance to clean ourselves up. I’m strivin’ to elevate to a point where I don’t let my anger get the best of me regardless to whom or what. I will get there…word is bond.

SV Allah


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