I Gave All I had…

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today I literally lived the culture cipher degree in the 1-40. There was a devil who’s head absolutely had to be taken, and in order to effectively deal with the situation, I had to give all I had and all within my power to destroy said devil’s civilization. Knowledge wisdom cipher gives us a foundation upon which to construct a lifestyle rooted in discipline. Our mathematics keep us in order, which in turn allows us to keep our love I father equals in order. My righteous brother Benevolent Best Knower Allah dropped a jewel on me. The God stated that since the devil continues daily (24hrs/day) being God is a 25hr/day justice cipher born. True indeed, as knowledge is the difference allah self wisdom culture born equality (6) born u truth wisdom power born God (7). The devil has six ounces of grafted brains and the original man has in excess of 7oz of original brain cells. The devil’s civilization is out of square I master equal. It expired as of knowledge born knowledge culture. The born degree states that the Nation of I Self Lord and Master has no beginning nor end, it is therefore timeless. Our daily trials and tribulations are simply math tests intended to keep us sharp. We are pushed to what seems to be our limit only to find that we are limitless. Limits are illusions self cipher to live as if they exist is to bear witness to a mystery. Knowledge of the cipher shows and proves this not be right and exact. Master I Now Divine born culture cipher abbt culture or freedom. When you live your life giving all you have and all within your power, peace and hapiness will truly be your rewards.

SV Allah


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