Increased Understanding

Posted: May 3, 2009 in Uncategorized


Today I linked up with my enlightener, Allah Jihad & my righteous brother Yasir Allah for some family building, which was peace. Today’s mathematics was indeed manifested allah self I came away feeling like I have a much clearer mental picture of the God from whom I received 120. I asked the God if I could see his “Book of Life” and he pulled out two! Each of them was a huge binder that contained breakdowns of every degree in Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and 120 along with tons of plus degrees. As I flipped through page after page I saw so much history relative to the God’s travels in this nation. It gave me a new found level of respect for him and revealed to me why he is the way that he is about this math. It’s about tradition and NGE pride as well as his determined idea to see to it that we continue to grow and thrive. I realized that there is so much more that I need to learn about our history and our degrees. I was humbled and excited to learn just how much more there is to this math. I’m strivin to one day be able to mathematically and factually show and prove every degree in knowledge wisdom cipher….can’t wait to get started.

SV Allah

Allah's Mathematics has no beginning nor end........

Allah's Mathematics has no beginning nor end........


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