“Law & Order”

Posted: May 5, 2009 in Uncategorized


We live in a reactionary society. In the wilderness of North America, the mathematics leading up to an event is only relevant after the event has taken place especially if it constitutes a tragedy. The government knew that the levees in New Orleans were sub-standard in condition long before Katrina hit. That angle wasn’t explored until the storm came and ravaged the area. Everything has an origin. The 85% do not know their origin in this world, self cipher they can’t figure out why they are where they are in life. People without knowledge of self don’t consider signs that could translate to red flags which would allow them to avoid tragedy because their thought processes are disorderly. This is difficult to excuse for adults born u truth not for babies.

I read an article this morning which revealed that America is the only country that sentences juveniles to life sentences or the penalty of death. The colored man shows & proves himself to be Yacub’s son when making and enforcing his laws. Now I certainly agree that crime should be punished, however, the focus should be on what leads to the crime as opposed to what punishment fits the crime. It starts with the nurse and her needles. The wisdom build degree tells us that black babies start off at a disadvantage and if the brown babies were taken care of, educated well, and expected to be great then imagine the life that the colored babies of today live. They get a headstart. If a black child is born into a dysfunctional family, in a shitty neighborhood full of drugs and violence then they will view that to be the norm and participate accordingly. This is why they start doing and selling destroy rules at an early age. This is why they learn how to shoot guns before they master fractions. The knowledge dictates the wisdom and until this country stops keeping our people illiterate they will continue to be used for tools and slaves.

SV Allah


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