“Playing Mental Possum”

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Uncategorized


Anyone that’s part of the NGE, or aquainted with Gods & Earths personally on some level, will tell you that we tend to be relatively intelligent individuals (or at least we look and sound intelligent :o). Our mathematics has alot of magnetic and it’s scientific nature can almost make it sound like we are dealing with highly complex ideas when that’s not really the case. Even still these factors make this math musical to our ears to the point that we come to love hearing oursleves build because of how swift it makes us sound. Certainly loving to hear this math manifested is no crime, born u truth we have equality in our math for a reason. Said reason being that it’s just as important to do the knowledge (look & listen) as it is to manifest wisdom (speak on what you know). This is shown and proven by the fact that knowledge precedes wisdom in supreme mathematics & in the build and born degrees in actual facts where the speed of sound (1,120 ft/sec) precedes the speed of light (186,000 miles/sec).

Sometimes it’s best to mentally play possum in certain instances or “act” dumb. By doing so you can maneuver through a cipher in a fine mist that can hardly be detected and gather tons of useful information. When a person thinks that you don’t know something they will tell you more of what they know because they love the sensation of making knowledge born. Therefore, although you will often end up hearing things that you already knew, you will almost always get a few jewels that you weren’t aware of. If you just sit back and let a person talk they’ll tell you their whole life story. They will also grow to feel comfortable around you because by you not verbalizing your analysis of what they say and do they feel free to express themselves without fear of being judged.

As scientists it can be difficult for Gods and Earths to just do the knowledge without always addin’ on or demanding that people show & prove. However, there’s a time and place for everything including the ear.

SV Allah


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