The Devil’s Threat: G.O.D.

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Uncategorized


At my justice cipher born I talk to colored people on the phone all day long. In so doing, I have some very interesting conversations. Some of these conversations are very cordial, some are indifferent consise verbal transactions, and some are either debates or fights. Usually the debates are interpretive discussions regarding rules or provisions where the person is simply strivin’ to understand how something works. That’s peace because I get paid to offer said wisdom self cipher I don’t mind that. The fights, on the other hand, are either the result of them being pissed about something before the conversation started, or me pissing them off by telling them they can’t have what they want. My manager has told me on more than one occasion to be mindful of my “tone” meaning always sound calm and in control, which I generally do. B.u.t. what I have found is that, in my case he really means don’t sound like such an authoritative black man.

The colored people that I talk to know that I’m black from the moment our conversation begins. I know this because of how they draw up my name and the way that my voice sounds. I’ve actually had some of them tell me that they know I’m black based on these reasons. Now my voice is not Barry White deep, born u truth it carries and I speak with confidence. What I have found is that this elicits certain reactions from colored people. The most common reaction is for them to play doctor and qualify me by challenging my knowledge of rules & provisions because they assume that I don’t know what i’m talking about because i’m black. Now once I show and prove that not to be the case, they try to appeal to my sensitive side in the hopes that an exception can be made for them even when they are clearly falling victim to provisional law. And they say black people always want a hook up? Maybe, b.u.t. white people damn sure ain’t shortstoppin’! The thing that they really hate is when you prove them wrong, or prove that they are at fault for their perdicament. They can’t stand that shit. And if you really want to bring out the savage in them you need only use one wisdom letter word…..NO. That enrages them. They can’t fathom the idea that they can’t have what they want especially when being told so by a black man. They will scream, curse, threaten to get lawyers involved, and demand to speak to a supervisor oftentimes just to have them tell them the same thing…NO!

The understanding wisdom degree tells the story in terms of their weakness and lacking mental dexterity. Most of what they do to try and get what they want is emotionally tactical. By that I mean they try to un-nerve you and cause you to act other than self by making a mistake that they can use as a sword over your head, or get you to say something they feel offended them which they can use as the basis of a demand to be accomodated. When you stand firm on the square they feel threatened. They never would’ve thought that they would live in a world where the original man can tell them no or be the person they need to help them. I like the fact that they know i’m black when I answer. That means that I get to see them squirm before God. That equality oz. vs. my god 1/2 oz is a mismatch self cipher they can feel free to step in the arena ;oD.

SV Allah


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