Obama: “What Constitutes Having Done Enough?”

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Uncategorized


The build degree tells us that the devil keeps us apart from his social equality and this reality plays itself out in a multiplicity of ciphers. As the “perceived” authority on what constitutes achievement in the wilderness of North America and beyond, the colored man establishes standards and sets precedents which are designed to represent levels that original people are unlikely to reach. The presidency is a perfect example. With the way that our babies are kept blind to themselves by everything from religion to the substandard American school system, it’s safe to say that the colored man has enjoyed years of comfort which stems from his belief that the gap between them and us from a resource and achievement standpoint was more than wide enough to ensure that their advantages would remain in tact indefinitely. However, we continually manage to find ways to not only survive, born u truth flourish in the devil”s civilization. Barack Obama is a prime example of this truth. You can’t tell me that white people really took this master allah now seriously prior to this past election. They may have given him a slim chance to compete, at best, born u truth I don’t think that they really ever thought that an original man had a realistic shot at winning. Needless to say, as we all know, he did and performed arguably the most historic and significant feat in the history of this racist country. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Arizona State University don’t deem this accomplishment worthy of an honorary doctorate degree.

If we examine this situation further, as I have, it certainly is no shock although it is a grave travesty and insult to the God nonetheless. I took the liberty of looking up the list of past commencement speakers at ASU. At least born cipher percent of them were people that I have never heard of and the overwhelming majority of them were colored people that most of you probably have never heard of either. Now don’t get me wrong, when I did the knowledge to the accomplishments of those for whom I found bios, they indeed did some significant things. Even still, if most of us don’t know who they are then they are even less well known outside of this country. Now back to the God Barack. This man is known and loved all over the world. With his presidency in its infancy I will concede that the best of his work is more than likely yet to come. However, as a mathematician, I can’t help but wonder how it is that the good folks at ASU go about quantifying achievement accross various fields in order to determine what is or isn’t enough to warrant the rewarding of an honorary degree. What equation are they using? How do they objectively differentiate those who are from those who are not accomplished enough? I’m quite sure that if asked, any of the deciding parties would artfully conceal the truth of the matter with some vague and round about statement of the standard that is applied. God don’t take shit on face value self cipher I ain’t buyin’ it. That funky ass degree doesn’t hold very much weight to begin with aside from being an aesthetically appealing addition to the other plaques and diplomas that adorn an accomplished person’s office or den. We must remember that the devil gives him nothing per the equality degree, so without going through some labor and paying a pretty penny people don’t get “degrees” of any real value in America. To say that Obama hasn’t done enough to deserve an honorary degree from a public university, is a slap in the face to our president, who is ivy-league educated and has taught at the collegiate level, bottom line. Any one of the born thousand or so students to whom he spoke should be so lucky as to achieve half of what the God has. Most of them won’t.

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  1. Serenity Love Divine Earth says:

    One of the things I most admire about President Obama, is he way he intereacts with while people. He has a way of shutting them down and putting them in their place without them realizing it. Original people can learn a lot from this half Original man.

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