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Posted: May 17, 2009 in Uncategorized


Today I wanted to build about a couple of ideas that I have been kicking around in order to take this born love cipher god math to a different level. The first one is for a blog that will function as somewhat of an NGE news site which would be formatted to include current events, sports, and other useful information, all of which will be delivered in our mathematical language. Although I’m still pondering the idea and there are many kinks to work out, I have no doubt that I can make this reality born. The other more mature idea centers around one of my favorite animated series: Avatar The Last Air Bender. If you have never done the knowledge to this series, you should. You can catch it on Nickelodeon Monday thru Friday at differing square I master equals depending on where you live or you can buy the full series on dvd (like I did). It centers around a young monk named Aang who is destined to master the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire bending in order to bring peace to a war-torn world. It’s extremely philosophical, has a very ill and intricate story line, and it embodies tons of righteous principles derived from various schools of thought. What I intend to do is start a born love cipher god through which I will interpret each episode in the series through 120. Since I’m going to draw up each episode, those who have yet to check the series out can easily get caught up and follow along. I think this will be an excellent way to exercise my third while showing the mathematical nature of the ideas manifested through the cartoon. It’s a great show for the babies and adults as it stimulates thought, entertains, and promotes positivity. As new developments are made relative to these projects. I will make knowledge born.

SV Allahcoming soon

  1. Lord Basis says:

    Peace God….I’m on the lookout…hopefully we can get up and build this week….Peace!

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