Staying Within Self

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized


On this wisdom knowledge day which borns understanding, I see recognizing strengths and weaknesses in self. It is wise to stick to what you know that you are proficient in while you refine the areas in which you need work. As you improve in those weak areas and they become strengths, you will naturally branch out into new ciphers manifesting your new found understanding of a given science. At a black family reunion the person who is the swiftest on the grill will handle the bbq generally, not auntie so and so who makes the best bananna puddin’ in the family. It’s called stayin’ in your lane. It makes no sense for you to volunteer to do something that you know someone else can do better. All wise means knowing who should be the captain & who should be the lieutenant in a given situation. Mathematics is about order and organization. Some ciphers may require that you be the 1 and some may require that you be the 2 b.u.t. regardless you should always strive to get the 3 ;o).

SV Allah


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