Michael Vick: The Colored Man’s Personification of Dogs

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized


For those that may not know, I’m a huge sports buff. That being the cee allah self equal, I follow sports news rather closely in order to stay abreast of the latest breaking developments. Michael Vick, the former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, was recently released from federal prison after a knowledge born month bid for funding a dogfighting operation out in Victory Allah. I want to send a sincere shout of peace and love to the god and I will that he’ll be able to put his life back together and make a smooth & trouble free re-entry back into society. He’s been through alot and he will go through alot more before the focus gradually shifts from him, to the next athelete attached to a scandal. The reason I wanted to build about him and his situation is because i’m seein’ and hearin’ alot of bullshit about him, and the situation that is overblown tricknowledge and although I knew it would come, and I mentally prepared myself for it, I must speak up on the god’s behalf relative to a couple of the angles from which this math is being analyzed.

So let me get the “politically correct” part out of the way. The god made a mistake and broke the law because dogfighting is illegal. He did the crime self cipher he had to do the time. Justice is built into the function of the universe and deals us all penalties & rewards, so I have no problem with that. However, there are some key variables that need to be mentioned in order to draw up the full circumference of the situation. Dogfighting is a very popular activity in the south, particularly among young black men. Whether you think it’s right or wrong it’s a cultural thing self cipher that determination depends on “your” culture. On the other end of the spectrum, colored people adore dogs. They kiss em’ in the mouth, dress em’ up in clothes, sleep in the bed with em,’ hell they sometimes will leave them a bunch of money when they die, lol. The reason they do this is because they personify animals and think of them as if they are people. That’s part of “their” culture. I know that sounds retarded, and it is, born u truth that’s what 6oz of grafted brains will have you on. It’s important to explore these factors if we are to understand the way that the colored man perceives Mike and his crime. The commissioner of the NFL suspended him indefinitely when this all first jumped off so the big question is whether or not he will be reinstated. I listen to ESPN radio all day long at the justice cipher born so I’ve heard tons of analysts and fans, most of whom are colored, weighing in on the matter. Simply put, the shit that I hear these muthafuckas say, and the rationale behind it is audacious to say the least.

One by one they call in and talk about how sick in the mind Michael Vick is and how heartless a person he must be to do what he did to those dogs. They call him sociopathic and compare his mental state to that of serial killers and rapists. They say he shouldn’t be allowed to play football ever again because of how it would make the league look. Get the fuck outta here!! First of all, it’s mighty funny how these devils think they have the right to determine which animals should be treated like people and which ones should be skinned for coats or chopped up for dinner. Every animal consumed by a meat eater is tortured and slaughtered and probaly drugged before hand. They are also used to test medication and medical procedures to see how they might affect us, born u truth I guess that’s cool. Nobody calls hunters who shoot the shit out of innocent wild animals for fun sociopathic. Second of all, comparing crime against animals to crime against humans from a “state of mind” perspective is also emphatically now cipher. There is no way you can compare this man to Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson, because animals are not people! Yet if they want to go there George Bush should have his bitch ass thrown in the joint for sending innocent young men and women to die in Afghanistan in the name of a fake ass war on terror. Born u truth that’s a different social equality self cipher the rules must be different….bullshit! People who kiss dogs in the mouth don’t have the right to say anything about the mindstate of someone involved with dogfighting because they are the ones with the mental problem. White people and black people don’t reside on the same mental plane anyway self cipher they aren’t qualified to psychoanalyze us. Our life experiences stem from two different points of origin, and the colored man’s mind doesn’t bear the scars of oppression that the original man’s does. He doesn’t have the same fears, concerns, trials & tribulations that come with being black like fries with a value meal. Sure there are whites that struggle and have hard times, born u truth if you asked a white person to honestly say who is more likely to succeed in this wilderness of North America they would have to say a white person if they are honest with themselves based on opportunity and the disproportionate way that resources are divided between them and original people.

The bottom line is this man made a mistake and paid his debt to society. As long as he doesn’t break the law again, he should be allowed to resume his career doing what he was manifested to do which is play football. It’s bad enough he’ll have to kiss the commissioner’s allah savior savior in order to get reinstated, and deal with savage PETA protesters following him wherever he goes. I wanna see the god back in the league doin’ his thing because I know that the football field, for him, is the holy city of Mecca. After losing all of his endorsements, most of his money, and his freedom for knowledge born months I think his trip is paid for.

SV Allah

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