Things Happen…(Peace to Mike Tyson)

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Uncategorized


In the unknown cipher that is 240, life throws curveballs. In other words, things happen. Often times, the things that happen in this world can be savior allah divine. The God Mike Tyson lost his daughter Exodus in a freak accident. I will that all be peace with him and his family during what must be a difficult square I master equal. Mike’s life has been a series of wild episodes, showing and proving the unpredictable nature of life’s equations. I wonder if he has ever had a true brother and companion in tribulation since Cus Damato returned to the essence. Many have lied to, stolen from, and mastered this man from a monetary standpoint. As quickly as he received more gold, the devil took more gold. I heard an interview with him recently where he built about how he’s been strivin’ to clean himself up. Apparently, he’d been making some progress and now he loses his young Moon. Damn. I’ve always wanted to see Mike win because in spite of the fact that he often acts other than his ownself, I know and understand that he’s still seeking the answer to the knolwedge understanding degree in the 1-36. That’s why I don’t take him on face value. He’s experimented with tons of high explosives, fallen victim to the devil’s civilization, and been on the penalty side of justice. Even after he didn’t have it anymore in the rule I now god, I think he kept fighting because the squared circle was his Mecca, his Jerusalem, his place that was founded in peace. Throughout the latter part of his career he was just strivin’ to take Jerusalem back. I worry about the God because I can’t help but think that a tragedy of this magnitude could push him over the edge. I will that it doesn’t. I would love to build with Tyson and if I had the chance to I would tell him that we love him. I would tell him that the blackman is God. I would build with him on supreme mathematics and the knowledge god degree in the 1-40. I feel like I could reach him if I had enough time to build with him. Peace to the champ, hold ya head G.

SV Allah

The God Cipher Divine...

The God Cipher Divine...

  1. olu says:

    that was a very nice tribute


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