Buildin’ wit the Colored Man…

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Uncategorized


I had the most interesting experience this weekend. Me & the Queen went to Target to grab a couple of things and decided to take a cee allah born to the rest. The driver was a colored man. He seemed, on face value, to be a nice enough guy. We told him that we got beat out of another cab by a couple that took a better angle and moved more decisively towards it than we did. He went into a build about how some people are just inconsiderate and that such people don’t know any better which was right and exact. He then transitioned into some philosophical thoughts regarding humanity, faith, and belief. He sited various historical figures from philosophers to musicians in terms of their take on why we should “believe.” I always enjoy an opportunity to build as I teach all human families of the planet earth, so I engaged him b.u.t. I kept it peace.

After he saw that I was swift and having an easy time breaking down his fluffy- form belief speech, he made the conversation personal. He started talking about how the blackman has been tricked by the 10% and has fallen victim to drugs, pimpin’, cheap cell phone minutes & all of the above. Now it wasn’t so much that I had a problem with what he said, it’s just that he wasn’t swift enough to pull the statement off in a way that would keep it from sounding racist. I knew what he was getting at self cipher I didn’t bomb him b.u.t. rather dealt him some civilization. I told him that the reason the blackman falls victim to the devil’s civilization is because he has no knowledge of himself, who the true & living god is, or his origin in this world. At this point my Queen was shakin’ her head because she thought I was about to jump on my 5%er soapbox. Now cipher, I was just strivin’ to show and prove to Mr. Cabdriver that just because a blackman and his Queen need a ride back to the poor part of the planet that doesn’t mean that we should be underestimated intellectually. He struck me as one of those Starbucks drinkin’ pseudo philosphy enthusiasts who thought he could dazzle me with some historical name and date droppin.’ He’s lucky the build had to be cut short or I would’ve chopped him up like Chinese chicken and said peace :o).

SV Allah


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