Why Do We Murder the Devil?

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Uncategorized


Knowledge of the cipher born the knowledge that he is 100% weak & wicked & will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. The word Islam has part of it’s root in the word salam which means peace. Self cipher the devil’s determined idea is always to disrupt that peace. The key to counteracting the force of this grafted snake is to remain firm on a square and maintain a supremely mathematical approach to things. Rationale & emotion must be kept apart as the emotion will creep up like a fine mist and dilute one’s thoughts at a terrific speed. Other people tend to be frequent hosts of said transferable emotional bullshit. Guilt trips, failure to make word bond, lying, and stealing all represent nurses needles that can cause trouble among the righteous. Family members can sometimes be the most frequent culprits. They love to play upon your emotions and take advantage of the whole “familial bond” treating it as if it’s a license to fuck you over, then apologize hoping that you’ll hug it out with them and forgive them like a righteous person should. Forgiveness is peace b.u.t. sometimes even family must be dealt justice. Kindness, although often taken for weakness, represents strength. It takes immeasurable strength to be kind amidst all of the devilishment in the world, thus the heads must come off!

SV Allah


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