360 Degreez…

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Uncategorized


Our build or destroy degree tells us that the nature of social interaction has it’s roots in the intermingling of various currents of air. Some are real warm and cold and some very swift and changeable. We know that our planet is a cipher which rotates in a circular motion and travels a circular path around the Sun, showin’ and provin’ that all things take place within’ ciphers which are understanding equality cipher degrees. We all bring our own currents to the cipher and it is our responsibility as God or Earth to play weather forecaster, and report our internal climate to others. If you are under the wrath of an icy cold current, then make knowledge born self cipher those around you can move with that awareness. Correspondingly, you should take the proper action to warm that air. Maybe you need to isolate yourself for awhile until the climate changes if you think your attitude may cause trouble among the righteous. Or, if it’s less severe, you may just need to meditate, build with someone who can help you draw the situation up, take a walk, watch a movie, whatever works for you.

The bottom line is you are responsible for being true to self in 360 degrees in order to remain firm on a square. Don’t just do the knowledge to others strivin’ to pick them apart in order to stockpile ammo if a difference of opinion arises. Focus on personal elevation and the maintenance of your own mental equilibrium. One must deal in equality with self in order to do so with others. Self equality is understanding of both your positive and negative characteristics. You have to acknowledge those flaws that you identify and clean yourself up. Those devils heads won’t just fade away into oblivion, you have to take them. If you cast them aside and don’t own up to the damage that they cause, you will be beaten with many stripes. When you understand the equality of the cipher, you realize that without mutual understanding there is no equality. If you ain’t strivin’ to live that wisdom then you might as well stay on an Island situated by the Agean Sea.

SV Allah

  1. Mind detect Mind is all-ways Timely…Been riding an icy current the last couple of days, still thawing out from that…From all of the (MANY, MANY) times that I’ve been in that cold current, I’ve learned that it’s harder to detect what’s real (33 degrees), due to the clouded judgement of 32 degrees or below (when it’s cold as shit, you tend to think only about your destination, fuck everything else)…I found it best practice to keep to myself & speak only when necessary, to keep from freezing someone who really didn’t deserve it, aside from the fact that they annoyed me…Can’t take on the Sub-Zero personality too long without risking Just-Ice for Self…

    Thanks for the warm-up (pun intended)…

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