Buildin’ Wit’ the Old Man

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Uncategorized


I had a chance to build with my ole’ Dad over the weekend. It had been some months and days since we had last spoken self cipher it was good to catch up. Although he hasn’t been the most involved father over the years he’s a peace individual. My ole’ Dad has always maintained a warm current about himself and is very easy going, which is where I get that trait from. We look and act alike b.u.t. our ideas on alot of things are unalike. He’s believes in a mystery god while I’m the true and living God. He lives the bible while I live knowledge wisdom cipher. When I look at myself and my siblings, I see how the decisions that he made have impacted our lives showin’ and provin’ that all of the above is caused by the sun of man. Early in his adulthood he was good at “makin” us yet not so good at taking ownership of the job of fathering us. I’m sure that in the back of his master I now divine he wishes that he would’ve done some things differently. Regardless, that time is lost so he needs to make the most of the zag as far as i’m concerned.

SV Allah


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