Square I Master Equal…

Posted: June 26, 2009 in Uncategorized


Time. We spend time, make time, take time, need time, have time or don’t have time. Time is a construct through which we measure and keep track of the intervals or periods between events. It is finite duration. 120 discusses the loss of time and says Allah moves in his own good time. Actually Allah transcends time because he preceded it, in that he always has been and always will be. I see time as a psychological prison house in which humanity serves a life sentence. We enter the world to meet the ticking clock and serve as a slave to it. Wisdom equality born build or destroy. We grow in our early years as our bodies are built up to become strong, only to ultimately decay and be destroyed when we return to the essence. Your love I father equal will be judged by how your time was spent.

Obtaining knowledge of self allows us to penetrate the fabric of time and trace our origin back to the beginning that never was. In this way we mentally connect with timeless existence and learn to conceive eternity. In this life, in this form, we only get a few years, months, and days. The reason that these increments of time are ordered in the preceding sequence in the understanding equality degree is because as time moves forward and we advance in age, we become better at understanding the things that have taken place in our past. On the zag we learn to make sense out of the first zig. We are moving toward and charting the course for the next zig b.u.t. much of that future is unknown. The reason being is that we don’t know when we will die. And even if we did know, we still wouldn’t know what would happen after we die. Strive to make time work for you and enjoy the time you have. The culture is I-God self cipher show and prove that time is truly a square I master equally…..

SV Allah


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