Keep Calculating…

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized


It’s amazing to me how 240 will just continually throw fucked up equations at you. They come out of nowhere like sucker punches and, since the blackman is God, there’s no one outside of self to look to. When put to the test by life’s hills and mountains all we can do is lace up our hiking boots and get ta’ climbin’. Since every life is original in nature, there is no one that you can cheat off of to get all of the answers that you need. However, in this allah god equal of information, you can continue studying the problem until you discover a solution. One of the keys to being swift in this area is knowing when you should reach out to someone else for assistance. Regardless of how smart you think you are, there will be square I master equals when chasing the answer you need will seem like a search for that which does not exist. These are instances where you may need to step back wisdom cipher miles outside of the situation, analyze it objectively, and face the fact that you may not be said person of the necessary ability to go at it alone. I’m a huge fan of the wisdom degree in the 1-36 b.u.t. although I came to the wilderness by myself, the wisdom god degree shows and proves that we all need someone to play I-John and help us out occaisionally.

My laptop is actin’ real funny right now. It keeps freezin’ up on me and I have taken numerous steps to rectify the issue. I took it to this place around the way and paid knowledge god cipher to get it fixed and the problem still persists. I’m strivin’ to figure this math out without givin’ all I have from a monetary perspective. I will however give all within’ my power to see the day when said problem is solved. The search for the root cause seems as if it’s taking trillions of years. In order for me to turn the tides on this math I will need to enlist the help of someone that is truly skilled with computers as I allah master not. I’ve been doin’ the knowledge on some potential solutions, b.u.t. I would rather have someone else experiment with this high explosive challenge. Regardless to whom or what I will figure it out. I have no choice. I’ll keep ya’ll posted….

SV Allah

  1. Bismi Allah says:

    Peace SupremeVictory, Right-On God! That is exactly where I am at with this Math! Check your e-mail,, I sent you one and I ve gotten no response! Peace? Peace!

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