Recognition & The Power Degree in the 1-36

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized


The 85% are slaves of a mental death and power. The power of that mental death is what keeps my uncle from knowing he is my uncle. When your own people don’t recognize you, there is a feeling of isolation and loneliness that sets in from time to time. The power% know what i’m talking about. It’s the feeling that you are the only one in your immediate circumference that speaks your language. To some degree, it is this sensation that drives us to teach. By teaching, we establish equality with others and get to “know” them by helping them come into the knowledge of themselves. This shows and proves the mutual benefit that both educator and student reap in the enlightenment, or building process.

At times we can become overzealous with this math. It’s not that our intentions are born allah destroy, it’s just that we are so anxious to give others what we have that we can sometimes come on too strong. I do this from time to time with my Queen and I feel like kickin’ myself in the forhead everytime because that shit always brings rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. The math is so powerful, and I so abhor the thought of not being recognized, that it’s as if i’m strivin’ to build my way into recognition and the math just bursts out of master equality lol. Instead of comin’ in a fine mist, I kick in the door wavin’ the 44 with knowledge wisdom cipher and start bustin’ lol. I truly mean no harm and I do this to show forth my power that as quick as I make such devil I can come in one day and destroy the devil’s civilization. It is said that patience is a virtue, born u truth it has never been a strength of mine. In his/her own good time Supreme…in his/her own good time!!!!

SV Allah


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