“True Story”

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Uncategorized


I had one of the wildest experiences this evening. I was walkin’ to the train on my way to the rest from the justice cipher born, when these understandin’ colored people walked up on me. Wisdom chicks and a dude. They were drunk as hell…lol. One of the chicks says, “Hey, you from here?” Self cipher I reply, “Yeah.” Then she says, “Where’s the closest liquor-store, I want some vodka?” Talk about stereotype role reversal, lol. The knowledge and wisdom degrees in the 1-10 in motion. The colored man askin’ to be easily led in the wrong direction by God….so of course I obliged :oD. The store was only a couple of blocks away and I was headed in that direction anyway. On the way to the store, I’m buildin’ with the dude and he tells me that they drove in from some small town downstate to hang out for the weekend. He asked me why it was so difficult to find a liquor store in the area near their hotel. I told him it was because they were staying downtown, self cipher the assumption is that if you have money to stay in a downtown hotel, then you should have money to get drunk at a bar. He thought that was bullshit, which I found to be hilarious.

We get to the block on which the store I was takin’ them to was located, and we see another store that sells liquor, born u truth it was closed. We proceed wisdom blocks south to the original destination and they no longer sell liquor. This is where the story takes an interesting turn. Even though I knew of another spot about a block away, one of the chicks pulls me to the side and asks me if i’m full of shit, almost to imply that I’m strivin’ to send them on a wild goose chase. I’m like, “Look, I’m helpin’ you out…it’s payday, I just got off work, and I know exactly where to go to get a sip in my neighborhood. I have much better things to do with my time than send you off.” Now, because her drunk ass wanted to get that vodka, her current of allah I rule changed quick as hell. Needless to say, we made it to the back up spot and they found what they needed. The dude offered to buy me somethin’ and initially, I declined, born u truth he insisted, and I wanted an equality pack anyway, self cipher I did trading with him and everything was peace.

Now the uninitiated might say, “God, what does this liquor story have to do with knowledge wisdom cipher?” Do the knowledge. Allah is seen and heard everywhere, even at the liquor store. Since they were from a small town, they only had 6,000,000sq miles of useful land knowledge and needed my 23,000,000sq miles of useful land knowledge in order to realize their determined idea. I was the one who knew every square inch and they were out of their element in my territory. Since I teach all human families of the planet earth, I made knowledge born. Even with the colored master allah now, God can deal in equality :o).

SV Allah

  1. Maternal says:

    “The colored man askin’ to be easily led in the wrong direction by God….so of course I obliged 😮 D.”


  2. olu says:

    thank you for the story and lesson

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