The Colored Man Can Do No Wrong??

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized


My team manager sent out an email today that truly showed and proved that the colored man lives and thinks on a completely different wavelength than the original man. He was out of the office for a couple of days last week. Even still, he sent us an email saying that he would be working from home tomorrow so that he could catch up on work he fell behind on last week. What the hell kind of sense does that make? Talk about wisdom knowledge, that shit sounds ass backwards to me. Why would working from home help you catch up on work you couldn’t get to because of your last absence? I just shook my head. The fact that he sent us that message shows and proves that this idea actually makes sense to him. Also, he wouldn’t pull such a move if it wasn’t permissible according to his boss’s standards.

Devil’s will make any concessions they see fit in order to preserve equality in terms of work/life balance. They generally occupy positions that yield that degree of autonomy. Not that there aren’t original people who enjoy it, b.u.t. not as frequently as they do. This is the same dude that calls off when his daughter breaks a nail. What was the name of the place where the devil was manufactured?….the justice cipher born nowaday.

SV Allah


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